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The Group Meetings «Living in the Natural State,» the 1 day Intensives and the Nature Retreats with varying emphasis are outstanding opportunities to fully wake up and to deepen one’s Realization. During these events, a powerful «group field» of Silence, Presence and Truth often emerges, in which profound clarity and awareness emerges and deep purification and liberation, amongst others, can occur.

Participation is particularly recommended if you have already received RASA once or multiple times. However, this is not a condition of participation.

I’m offering these events according to current impulses and demand, also possible in your area. The ideal setting that has transpired is giving RASA One To One Sessions on 1 day (e.g. Saturday) and Group Meetings on the following day (e.g. Sunday), or a Group Meeting at night (e.g. Friday) and a 1-day Intensive on the following day (e.g. Saturday).

Event Schedule

Once Group Meetings, 1-day Intensives and Nature Retreats are scheduled, they will be published below on this page incl. all the details.

For applications for or invitations to these events, please use the contact form below or write me an email to

I’m looking forward to profound and life-transforming encounters with you in these Meetings, Intensives and Retreats!

Love and blessings,

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