Behind your Anger lies your Power

Jeff Foster writes:


Don’t be spiritual with me, my love.
Be honest instead!

Get angry with me. Tell me how you really feel.
Tell me how pissed off you are.
Shout. Or cry. Show me your vulnerability.
Express what’s on your heart.
Say the wrong thing. Make a mess.
I don’t care. We can clean up later.
I just want to meet you. Now.

Don’t wait until you have the perfect words.
Don’t wait until your precious fire has gone out.
Or your tears have dried up.
There’s no shame in being a mess.
Anger is not «unspiritual».
It is beauty. It is power.

I want to meet you beyond the mask.
Beyond the nice little boy, the good little girl.
The well-trained spiritual student.
The expert. The calm one.
The one who was never allowed to raise their voice.

I want to feel your fucking flames!
I want to feel your truth!
Your passion! What you need! What you desire!
Your unrequited longings! Your frustrated hopes!

Don’t worry about hurting me.
Just let life speak through you. Now.
I will take responsibility for my own pain.

Please. I’d rather receive your pure anger NOW
than years of stories, blame, resentment,
and passive aggressiveness.

Drop the spiritual bullshit.
Just tell me how I fucked up.

Get everything out in the open.
I will not shame you.

And we can go from there.


Mauna Loa, Earth’s largest active volcano, began erupting from the summit caldera inside Hawaii Volcanoes
National Park
on November 27, 2022 — for the first time since 1984.

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