Clarity and Awareness


As you are about to fully awaken, the realization and awareness about what is happening with you and where it may lead can be of great value and importance.

A moment of awakening or an altered state of consciousness, with the often accompanying peace, love, and bliss, may be beautiful, but it is just the first step. To deepen and integrate what is realized with clarity, awareness, and grace is what is now important.

Clarity is one of the possible characteristics of a thoroughly matured Realization. It is a «knowingness» that completely transcends conceptual knowledge. This can intuitively blossom within, or to a degree be imparted by «others» who have established themselves in such a knowingness. The latter is, amongst others, available via the texts, sayings, and videos on the following pages.

In this context, also the «Map of Awakening» developed by Ramaji and described in his book «1000» in minute detail is to be mentioned. You may discover its significance and purpose on one of the following pages too.

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