Clarity and Awareness


As you awaken fully, to clearly realize and be aware of what is happening with you and what it comes down to can be immensely valuable and make a big difference.

A moment of awakening or an altered state of consciousness — often accompanied by experiences of deeper peace, silence, love, and bliss — might be beautiful, but it is just a first step in the right direction. What ultimately matters is to deepen your realization by means of greater clarity, awareness, and grace and integrate it into daily life and experience. Reality not only needs to be realized but also fully lived.

Clarity is one of the main characteristics of a fully matured realization. It is a sense of «knowingness» that is beyond conceptual knowledge. It can intuitively blossom within or, to a certain extent, be imparted by «others.» The latter could even happen through the texts, sayings, videos, and books on the following pages.

In this context, the «Map of Awakening» that was developed by Ramaji and is expounded by him in his book «1000» in detail, is introduced. You may discover its meaning and significance, especially for your awakening and realization, on one of the following pages, too.

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