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Since a complete release of self-identification is often experienced as process-like happening lasting several months, follow-up support during this integration phase can be useful and purposeful. I offer this «guidance» via One-on-one sessions, Satsang, One-day Intensives, and Multi-day Retreats. You will find the details on this page below and at Satsang, Intensives and Retreats.

At Awareness Tools, you will find handy «tools» that have also proven effective in integrating an awakening. You can use these practical approaches with my guidance as well as alone, and they can lead either immediately or within a short time to more clarity, awareness, self-acceptance, etc.

Tip: There is an excellent overview of the integration period after awakening by Hirok Das on his website here, with special emphasis on the words of Ramaji and Ananda Devi under «Blind spot for the awakened people» and the words of Chogyam Trungpa on the sub-page «Jnana and Vijnana».

Awakened Living one-to-one session (without RASA)

This offer is for you if you find a need for additional clarity, realization, emotional or trauma release, etc.

After a few RASA sessions, many people stabilize at «LOC 1000,» the «stateless state» of natural and simple being and living. If this is the case, there is really nothing to do but to live a free life. And if there is an impulse for additional clarity about what has been realized, this is also perfectly okay and simply what is there.

Sometimes, an awakening might apparently take a little more time to become fully evident in one’s experience, which is often due to residual energetic-emotional charges, traumas, etc., that may still be there in the unconscious mind, as well as residual mental conditioning, fixations, and tendencies. So far, however, a resolution for these kinds of issues has always been found and every so-called «obstacle» for the natural state has given way.

Ramaji writes in his book «1000», «A few people who stay up at a non-dual LOC still have deep unresolved traumas and fixations. They have a more mixed experience. They may have to work hard to achieve full stabilization in non-duality, but they do feel the higher LOC.»

In an Awakened Living session (without RASA), I consciously and empathically focus on you and your individual situation. The type and course of these sessions are particularly based on any possible issues or problems such as residual self-identifications, painful experiences from the past, frequently recurring fears, limiting conditioning, traumas, relationships, family, profession, or other life issues. Depending on what is present or needed, I may introduce proven methods to target the root causes of these issues.

The duration of an Awakened Living session (without RASA) is approximately 1-2 hours and the price is 100 euros.

The session price is payable in cash, via PayPal, Wise, bank wire, etc. After submitting a session request, I am going to email you the details.

To book an Awakened Living session (without RASA) with me, use the contact form below or email me at I usually reply within 24 hours and in rare cases within 2-3 days.

I look forward to seeing you!

Peace & Love,

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    During these sessions, no diagnosis or promises of healing will be made, and they do not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment. The recipient is entirely self-responsible and does not hold the facilitator responsible or liable for any possible side effects under any circumstances. By booking one or more sessions, the recipient confirms that they have read this disclaimer and entirely agrees to it.

    After one or more sessions have been booked and paid for, no refund will be possible.

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