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There are 2 ways of receiving RASA Transmissions:

1. At a RASA session in my meeting rooms in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan, or if I happen to visit your area for Sessions, Satsang, Intensives and/or Retreats.
2. At a RASA session via Skype or Zoom, possible from home or from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

The power and impact of the RASA Transmissions are the same in both settings.

In a RASA session, I consciously and empathically address you and your individual situation. Every session’s style and course are based on what is present, any possible issues, and your desires and needs. At the same time, I always focus on your complete liberation from all psychological and spiritual suffering and limiting self-identifications. If required, I also specifically work with you on any life issues such as relationships, family, profession, painful experiences of the past, frequently recurring fears, limiting conditioning, traumas, etc. that may stand in the way of your full Awakening or cause needless suffering.

Booking options for RASA one-on-one sessions:

Option A) Book a RASA session via the contact form below or email me at elias@eliassatyananda.com. A RASA session’s duration is approximately 1-2 hours, and it costs 120 euros.

Tip: RASA sessions are also available as a package of 3 for 330 euros.

Option B) Once you have taken at least 1 RASA session from me, you may opt for short RASA sessions with me. A short RASA session’s duration is approximately 45 minutes, and it costs 90 euros.

Tip: Short RASA sessions are also available as a package of 3 for 250 euros.

Option C) Once you have taken at least 3 RASA sessions or 3 short RASA sessions from me, you may opt for 30-minute RASA sessions with me. A 30-minute RASA session costs 70 euros.

Tip: 30-minute RASA sessions are also available as a package of 3 for 200 euros.

All RASA sessions include follow-up support via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, etc.

The recommended minimum gap between 2 RASA Transmissions is 1 week.

RASA sessions for couples and groups are also available on request.

The session prices are payable in cash, via bank wire, PayPal, Wise, etc. After submitting a session request, I am going to email you the details.

You would like to book one or multiple RASA sessions with me? Then use the contact form below or email me at elias@eliassatyananda.com. I usually reply within 24 hours and, in exceptional cases, within 2-3 days.

I look forward to seeing you!

Love and blessings,

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RASA Transmission works differently for everyone, depending on the personal background and the individual’s current condition and situation. The RASA Transmission Facilitator/Giver does not make any diagnosis, does not make any promises of healing, and does not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment. No specific results are promised, guaranteed, or binding by receiving RASA. The RASA recipient is entirely self-responsible and does not hold the facilitator responsible or liable for any possible side effects under any circumstances. By booking one or more sessions, the recipient confirms that they have read this disclaimer and entirely agrees to it.

After one or more sessions have been booked and paid for, no refund will be possible.

Note: RASA™ and RASA Transmission™ are registered trademarks at RASATransmissionInternational.com.

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