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The RASA Story in a Nutshell

In early 2011, RASA first appeared and worked through Ramaji, a Self–realized person currently living in San Diego, California.

At the early age of 16, Ramaji had a sudden kundalini awakening experience, after which he experienced multiple other usually spontaneously occurring enlightened and mystical states.

Decades later, his own spiritual search guided him to the awakened Indian teacher Ramesh Balsekar, in whose presence a lasting breakthrough into non–dual consciousness occurred to him in 1989. His search, however, had not yet come to a full stop. After years of intense Self–inquiry as taught by Ramana Maharshi, merging with the pure feeling–awareness «I Am» as taught by Nisargadatta Maharaj and devotion to the Divine Mother, he finally met Lakshmana Swamy, a Self–realized «disciple» of Ramana Maharshi who is living in Thiruvannamalai, India even today. During that fateful encounter, Ramaji was bestowed upon the final blessing of full Awakening.

After about 3 years of living as a fully awakened being in the world, Ramaji initiated a satsang group and started to assist people in their awakening and in the purification processes that often go with it. While being engaged in doing that, he realized the insufficiency of merely talking from his realization, and so he asked the Divine Mother, whom he has an intimate connection with, for a method to help people without the need of using many words. Shortly after that, while doing an energetic healing session with a woman who was suffering from chronic pain, he discovered a way to raise her state of consciousness. Initially he thought that he was doing energy work for her physical healing, however, it quickly dawned on him that what had just happened was different from what he was usually doing, and that the consciousness of the woman had gently and permanently shifted to non–dual levels in a matter of just a few minutes.

Shortly after, Ramaji realized that the Source in the form of the Divine Mother had just empowered him to transmit the very Realization of the timeless Truth that had been given to him previously to others. Ever since, RASA has gifted several hundreds people all over the world with breaking free from their limited sense of self or ego, and with actualizing genuine and lasting Liberation.

Ramaji mit seiner Partnerin Ānanda Devi

Ramaji feels that RASA appeared as a result of certain planetary alignments that started happening in 2012, whereby the earth is moving closer and closer to the galactic center. As these higher galactic frequencies are manifesting on the planet right now, a more rapid Awakening in people is made possible.

Ramaji is directly associated with Ramesh Balsekar, Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Navnath lineage of masters—which is said to go back to Sri Dattatreya, who is considered as a complete incarnation of the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva—and he has an intimate connection to Lakshmana Swamy, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and the Divine Mother Kāli Ma.

Ramaji is well known for his open, vibrant, humorous and refreshingly direct way, and he is probably the most human and natural Self-realized person I have ever met—just a dear friend.

According to Ramaji, RASA stands for «Spiritual Awakening at the Speed of Light.»

Besides, he says, «This is not my energy. I am bringing down the divine Light that is already above your head. It is YOUR Light. I am just the facilitator. I am a midwife for the birthing of the divine Light in you that is your Light that you already are, that you always have been and that you always will be. I give you nothing but your Self, and you already have that. You already are that. You Are That … now!»

«Spiritual transmission is a familiar idea to some, but not all, in the Advaita and non–dual community. Its most familiar form is probably the notion that being in the presence of or «sitting with» an awakened teacher will facilitate and somehow help to precipitate your own stabilized awakening.

The popular term satsang is used to encapsulate these and other benefits that may arise in the context of an enlightened person. The Sanskrit word means «in the company of truth.»

My contribution to this time honored method of spiritual empowerment is RASA. The term RASA is an acronym for «Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement.» Rasa, as you may know, is also a Sanskrit word. It means «essence» (note—other translations include «taste», «most delicious», «Self luminous consciousness», and «quintessence»).»

«Non–duality satsang teachers do not know how to do what Ramana, Papaji and Nisargadatta did—spiritual transmission. So very few awaken.

Non–duality teachers who talk about awakening are like doctors who just talk about a cure. Enlightenment requires a medicine called «grace.»

The teacher is like a doctor. The seeker is like a sick patient. The teacher gives medicine via spiritual transmission. Enlightenment is the cure.

Self–effort won’t give you enlightenment or Self–realization. It’s for purification and end of seeking. This makes you available for Grace.

Many seekers report that the RASA transmission of Grace from Divine Mother in support of non–dual awakening has accelerated their spiritual progress.

RASA is very gentle. Sometimes people see a white, golden, or white–golden light. It is felt to be a descending spiritual Force that is powerful yet distinctly feminine. It is assertive. It is not aggressive. This is how it can be so gentle, yet still accomplish major transformation and upliftment.»

«Since it is very typical for the RASA to take the recipient up to LOC 1000 at least briefly at the very beginning, RASA is a special opportunity for you to rise to higher enlightened LOCs swiftly and easily whatever you current LOC may be.

It is impossible to make a guarantee for a process like this, but it is true that people have awakened as a direct result of receiving the RASA Grace transmission.

I recommend three RASAs. Once a month or once a week seem to work best. Then, after you get three RASAs, you can decide if you need anymore. They are still helpful even if you are already established in non-duality.»

«RASA does not have any adverse side effects, except that the whole of life changes to the better.»

1. «LOC 1000» is synonymous with full Awakening or the Natural «State.» Elaborations on the «LOCs» can be found in
Map of Awakening and in Ramaji’s superb and pioneering book «1000.» An extended version of the «RASA story» is also available in that book. For more details and to read an extensive preview of «1000», go to this page.
2. You may visit Ramaji’s website here and watch videos of him via this page.

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