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Immense gratitude for just sitting here. Some warmth in the belly. Subtle joy.

What a miracle it is, this life. I have a body. I can walk around. I can choose my next meal. I can walk into a grocery store and buy the food I want. I can do the work that I want to do. I have what I need.

Somehow life gave me the gift to overcome intense chronic pain and suffering. I can’t fully explain how and why. It has been a combination of things, starting with a shift of mind (consciousness). But I am grateful and I will do my best to assist others on their journey, because I care.

Our time here on earth is limited, but oh so precious. Every day, I feel wow. What a gift. What I gift! I used to scoff at gratitude and self love and loving the world and life. That seemed like a cruel joke to me. And now, I feel this, genuinely. Yes, there are still challenges. Not every day is only happiness, but something underneath stays calm, remains untouched by outer turbulences. This state seems to stabilize, more and more. This natural rest.

Take a deep breath… Nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. This here now is it.


After a crazy week of wildfires and evacuations in our area in Northern California, my second RASA session with Elias was like a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. We dove deep into the human experience with compassion and a lot of laughter. We spoke English and German all mixed up and prepared for the possibility of freedom. During the actual RASA transmission, it felt like the top part of my head was gone and subtle, gentle waves of benevolent energy entered me. After the session, I felt so light and free. There were no «problems» to solve, only experience. I know that this is my natural state and I so enjoy when that is being experienced, beyond the content of the mind and conditioning.

Thank you for sharing this gift in the way you do Elias. It was after all perfect timing!


«I» had a major breakthrough one week ago. My limitations and boundaries have melted away and now I see that I am everything, everything arises out of Nothing — what a beautiful paradox! I achieved that with the help of RASA, a spiritual transmission first done by Ramaji.

I highly recommend you check it out. It’s really helpful especially when you are on the verge of enlightenment. RASA will give you that push to fall over the edge into a sea of awe and love.

Now I see that this is just the start. It keeps on unfolding infinitely…

Love, Alex

Note: The following testimonials are translated from German, if not noted otherwise.

For 20 years, the desire to find God, experience healing, and experience the state of oneness/peace/happiness, which I was able to experience for brief moments and again — to experience it permanently too — was burning inside me. Over the last 20 years, these desires led me on an intense spiritual search. At first curious and awkward, a few conversations with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a few months of meeting with the Mormons, short shamanic detours. Then the beginning of psychology study and deepening with, e.g., Carl Gustav Jung, intensely engaged with Rudolf Steiner’s views, getting deeper immersed in shamanism with the books of Castaneda and Shamanic workshops and retreats. Many years of the path with the daily recitation of the Jesus Heart Prayer. Years of concentrated study with the «Course in Miracles.» The socially more recognized path had been further developed with the training as a psychodrama psychotherapist too. Then contact with the Oneness University and India, which was supposed to intensify over the years. Long-term work in, for, and with Oneness.

All this profundity, faith and hope, and attempts to end suffering — as my constant companion and drive — all this practice, ritualizing, studying, meditating, all this SEEKING — all this ended abruptly. From one day to the other. POW. No more search! No more self-improvement attempts! No more ever disappointed hope! No more resistance to what is. Yes, and indeed … no more suffering! BOOM! With the first RASA, my search was over.

The first RASA I experienced in late October 2015. And there was the realization that the seeker, that the search itself was the problem — all the time. It was seen that there was nothing to search for and nothing to find because everything is just as it is. And there was the realization that everything is perfect, just as it is. And there was peace with what is. Also, there is still pain, anger, and grief — but it’s simply experienced as it is. And there was contentment. And there was silence. And there was seeing — that there is no separate person, and that All that IS and All that APPEARS IS just the ONE SOURCE THAT I AM.

Since April 2016, I’m working with RASA, and I’m experiencing that it actually works. It is not for everyone, but many people who have thus far found RASA experience liberation. Liberation from the mind, liberation from the identification with thoughts, emotions, the body, liberation from the self-identification! What remains is simply WHAT IS and the realization that there was never anything else. It’s the state that you have always been looking for, consciously or unconsciously. It’s a gift, a blessing, a grace! THANK YOU!


Note: The following is another, later testimonial by Gunnar:

More than 2 years ago, this shift had happened. It’s so hard to put in words what has happened through it and since then. The most succinct thing for me is the silence and the peace. Stable silence and deep peace have always been here for a long time.

The year after this shift was also marked by intense purification processes that are still taking place in part now but have not been «interrupting» this silence and peace for a long time. It is not that I experience this silence — it is rather that all experience happens in this silence. I cannot grasp the silence nor locate it; where I am, there it is too. I experience all feelings, sadness and sometimes anger, joy and laughter, conflict and problems and solutions, and harmony, but all this is as if it would emerge from this silence and be swallowed by it again. And so it is with all the thoughts that come from this silence and go back there. This silence does not allow identification for more than a moment with what appears, with what is experienced.

I’m so grateful for it — knowing it’s a gift. I can not say that I achieved it or could have done something for or against it; rather, it just happened. Meanwhile, I work with many dozens of people worldwide, accompanying them in the time before and after this shift. Knowing that I cannot influence it in any way, I still find that people are coming to me for whom it’s supposed to happen, as it happens. The RASA Transmission (which triggered this shift in me) is the main tool of this work, and it has the focus that this shift happens, but as I said, without my knowledge whether this will be so. And yet it happens — even frequently. I am just so grateful for it, for everything … for the fact that nothing is in my hands, and thus I’m experiencing this deep peace that is my home.

Love, Gunnar

After decades of searching for release from suffering and finally being happy, I struggled terribly. I had saved money to travel to India, not to miss any course or process that could reveal the secret of being liberated from suffering. The older I got, the more obsessed I became with finally experiencing the mystery of enlightenment! At last, I spent a lot of money just to be liberated before I die!

And then a friend told me to try RASA. After a few sessions, I felt more and more peace and tranquility. Soon I found out that the search had dropped off, completely unspectacularly and calmly, just like LOC 1000. It just happened to me! Everything has become so simple, and there is no more effort!

The wonderful thing is that it happened at the right time. I had a lot of pain and was very restricted in my movement. I realized that I was no longer identified with the pain or even with the body. I had continued to do everything I can to make the pain disappear. Only now, when my own will did not stand in the way, could things happen to me, and I could clearly perceive them, which have brought me on the path of healing. Various things came together, for example, the «Mind Laser Method.» I’m getting better and better.

Of course, I wondered if I could have spared all this. And the clear answer is, «No!» It had to be this way and not otherwise.

Before, there was always a stream of dissatisfaction; now, it is a stream of quiet joy. «Everything happens automatically» becomes an experience and deepens more and more.



Note: The following is another, later testimonial by Arosha:

There was nothing left but to surrender, to give up all resistance. I learned that only the struggle against What Is generates suffering. These are not just words. It was a «dying process» …

This «dying of the ego» has been with me for a long time, but it had become deeper and wider. There was still a struggle there; the ego does not give up so quickly. But now, it is flowing more and more toward «letting things happen.» I am glad that through the RASA, I had the joy and the tranquility as a cornerstone, by which I could see that the pain was teaching me to surrender.

Now it feels like life is coming to me. I feel connected, and in me, there is deep gratitude for everything I’m receiving and that I’m allowed to give …

My spiritual path began about 16 years ago quite classically with Reiki and my first contact with alternative healing methods. At that time, I primarily had a desire to heal, especially from an emotional point of view. However, all the old hurts came to light through the Reiki work, which I was not aware of until then.

Unfortunately, I did not have a good Reiki teacher or group, and I realized that I was not getting anywhere that way. One «barrel» after another opened up in the form of awareness of old stories, but I couldn’t handle it.

In 2009 I got to know the Deeksha transmission. With it, I got on the track of my primal longing for the first time, the longing to find out «Who am I?», «Where do I come from?», «Who or what is God?», «What are oneness and awakening?» This search has driven me all these years. A part of the answers to these questions was given in the form of real experiences; another part remained open and unsatisfied — despite awakening to about LOC 640 (the LOC was determined later when I got the first RASA). I was disappointed and sometimes frustrated. I could no longer permanently feel the inner state of awakening. There was still suffering (i.e., resistance to what is), and I still felt this agonizing search within me.

I heard about RASA for the first time in spring 2017. Elias, my husband’s son, told us about it. He said it was a new form of energy transmission for permanent awakening or dissolution of the ego-mind and thus the end of the spiritual search. Elias had already received several RASA and was quite enthusiastic. I was not affected by it at all! Basically, I am open and positive towards energy transmissions, always provided that the giver handles it responsibly in every respect. But I didn’t want any new promises, no new enlightenment hype, not to be disappointed again.

At the beginning of June 2017, we met Elias in person after a long time. He seemed completely changed and at peace with himself as if something had fallen off him. We talked at length about RASA, and Elias gave us a lot of information. But what mainly appealed to me was his «new» way — the way he was, the way he spoke, and especially what he was radiating.

At that moment, I caught fire and wanted a RASA! We immediately booked a «couples» 3-pack with Gunnar [Elias became a RASA Giver shortly thereafter]. There are also group RASA from time to time, but in the beginning, I would always recommend individual sessions. Gunnar personally responds to the person and picks up where you are at the moment. I find that very unique and special. I experience the RASA itself differently each time, but always deep and beautiful. A ray of light where there is only THAT.

After 3 RASAs I was at LOC 1000. What that means is realized more and more every day. There are small moments of recognition that disappear again but gradually remain in consciousness and thus change thinking, acting, and being. E.g., there is no I, no world, no other, no duality at all (this insight surprised me the most). However, it is not (yet) that I feel this way 24 hours a day. The realization just keeps deepening. I am completely at peace with this, quite different than before. All that I was always looking for is gone. No longer there. It is an eternal arrival or being arrived.

There is still suffering from time to time because there are still «attachments», like threads, in the lower LOCs. So the processes remain for now, and everyone also finds them rather easy or difficult. Mine are fortunately easy to medium 😉

Gunnar does a great job explaining LOCs, what they are for and how they can benefit you.

There are not so many words for it that can describe it all well, what happens there. It’s nothing esoteric or some kind of highfalutin «spiritual» stuff. It’s all totally unspectacular and unexciting. The hunt for spiritual experiences, which always come and go, is a thing of the past. This is incredibly liberating.

I was, especially in recent times, often in discord with my path and what I encountered. But it couldn’t be any other way; everything is a happening, everything has led to this one point quite automatically. I also clearly felt that it was RASA’s turn now, without me contributing anything to it. My path was the preparation for RASA. To use Gunnar’s image — we are like leaves on a tree; when they are due, they fall off, and RASA is like the wind that finally sweeps them off the tree (oh yes, «sweeps» 😉).

Bottom line — if you want to finally and once and for all get to the point where it all falls together and ends, RASA is the place to be.


When I began to enter the natural state, I didn’t even notice what was happening. I just realized that something was different. I was completely happy for no reason,  and I could uproot trees — I wasn’t thinking about whether what I was doing was right or wrong — I just did it. I often had quarrels with other people because I was not thinking about what I was saying, but simply talking about it, and the best thing was that I «didn’t give a damn» 😀 I used to think about how I could be so «stupid» and say something like that. But this bad feeling was simply gone. Instead, there was only the knowledge that I am just as I am, and that is all.

This natural state became stronger every day. I noticed that while talking, listening, smelling, and breathing, I can observe, that I can observe my thoughts as they come and then are gone again. I often try to follow a thought, but it doesn’t work because you do not know at the same moment what was actually thought. It’s a state of complete freedom from everything — from every worry and grief — because you can easily see that everything happens automatically, and not even a second of it is under control.

For example, when communicating with a friend or a stranger, one realizes that the feeling you get for a person when you see her or think of her happens completely automatically, without any influence of one’s own (as you always thought of it previously). One realizes that one has to behave like this from the feeling to this person — whether with joy or anger. It simply doesn’t work any other way because you and the opposite are supposed to have exactly that experience. Gunnar has talked so often about it, how it is to be the observer, how everything automatically happens and you are no longer identified with it — but you can’t imagine it — until it «happens» — a total gift!


I take it so naturally that I don’t even know that it’s LOC 1000. I experience it more childlike — one situation after another is happening automatically; the automatic component is most noticeable. If something doesn’t suit me and then comes something funnier, the previous one is immediately gone. There is full confidence in life, great tranquility, exuberance, and a knowing that I’m completely okay. I don’t feel ashamed about anything. I am, speak, and act in the moment without thinking or holding back. I tell the other my opinion — it’s certainly sometimes not pleasant for him, and I know it’s just right — it happens, and I do not control it. I let it run, and yet I’m responsible and structured, as is my disposition. But not as before, where I have struggled to plan and control, but now I only think of things in the moment; a thought merely comes up when it is needed.

Two great longings are still there, and there is a bit of anxiety that they may not get fulfilled. I don’t experience it «advaitic,» but an absolutely natural state without peculiarities — just an ordinary, normal life. And in consciousness, I know it, but I don’t experience it consciously. Still, I only know and understand it. It’s just clear to me that it’s so and particularly significant is that — I have no desire to think about it, to understand it, it’s completely pointless because it comes automatically anyway. Either it is clear, or I push it away as if it were annoying baggage for the noodle. It is quite unsensational to me but infinitely lighter, freer, happier, more carefree, more relaxed, more satisfied than before. To cut a long story short — I’m just me and fully agree with me 🙂

This was one of my clearest experiences after RASA. To be able to be me, to have no more need to play a role, no more need to be likable, to know that it fits as it bubbles out of me, no shame and embarrassment… And yet, I am conscientious. I do my job diligently and neatly, structured, but it runs automatically and is hardly ever stressful. It goes one by one, mostly in an orderly sequence. I’m not bothered anymore. I’m hardly strained. Everything happens so naturally. Before that, I was so plagued, planned, considered, anxious, and full of pressure, even if everything fits, succeeds… Now it is structured and according to plan, but all by itself, and it is always done at the right moment and extent, and that’s a lot more simple, easier, happier, carefree. And I’m never so exhausted.

I have the biggest rejection since — not necessarily against, but with spiritual folks and psychologists, I don’t know what to do with them. Before, these were the most important and exciting discussions. Before the least, now most of all — ordinary people with whom to have fun.


What I’ve experienced through RASA — deep relaxation with positive effects on all my interpersonal relationships. I had no more problems falling asleep and could let go of everyday life. Trust that there are always solutions. Gratitude for all the beauty, which is daily taken for granted. Mental detachment from old grief and pain. Self-confidence in taking action, even if others have completely different opinions. I know now that everything has its purpose. I’m not afraid of difficult situations anymore. It’s just beautiful to fall asleep in love and to wake up with the same feeling.


As a great basic «line» of experiences, I find greater inner freedom, the perception of an «inner core»/«inner space» within me, which is indestructible and can not be influenced by the «waves» of events in the utterances and the — sometimes intense — emotions that trigger these in me. More and deeper experiences of bliss, peace, and joy in everyday life and meditation (I have been practicing TM for 45 years). Of course, when «climbing LOC 1000,» I was a bit lurking if «The Dark Night of the Soul» would start for me, and I would plunge into mental/emotional abysses, in which traumas come up, and feelings of fear, hate or despair take over me. That did not happen by and large, though it depends on the amount and the kind of «karmic charges» you still carry.

I am very grateful to my son Elias, who brought me to RASA and becomes RASA giver himself in mid-November 2017, Gunnar Gressl, who gave me the RASA transmissions and accompanied me very humanly and experienced in the process with tips like «feeling the feelings» and «not believing the thoughts,» and Ramaji, who has now brought this practical, precious knowledge to the planet. I am also grateful to Mother Kali and the «Unutterable,» the «Transcendental,» the «Divine,» who, by her/his grace, has made my spiritual advancement at this speed possible.

Since I was about 20 years old, I had wished and hoped that in this particular time, those who seek awakening or spiritual progress will be provided with potent «tools» for human transformation or spiritual progress with «seven-league boots.» Finally, RASA seems to be such a tool. When I consider that sometimes you only «gain» 5 or 10 LOC points in a lifetime, it is no short of phenomenal what’s possible with a few RASA Transmissions here.


What is different with me since the first RASA session — the inner need, the search, the feeling of separation — is all over. So much of what used to be important to me and is common in spiritual circles now seems to me as if from a past life — complicated concepts, narrow ideas, a search that seemed to prevent just being.

In my life, there is more gratitude, more joy, more silence (even if thoughts are still rattling), inner stability that the greatest spiritual authorities could not shake. And it continues to grow, day by day.

The search is over. Life IS.


For me, it’s just that way, am, by feeling, back to the beginning, to zero, where I was before the search began. The whole story did not work. The story goes on about normal things. I have to laugh about «enlightenment» and all the other stories. I always thought that I would sit around and spread love.

It is still the same movie, just without identification with the actor. She left.

The baking pan is still there, and the bread sticks in it … no matter how firmly I shake and push — that does not come out … so what? F*** it … there is still a while to stick in — so better enjoy 🙂


I’m just flowing right now …. or I’m flowed … life has me in its normal way again …. no analyzing or stigmatizing … no great resistance … just living and letting live … as a human through and through. What will come comes. Sometimes it’s fear, anger … sometimes cockiness and joy …. the lightness of being … being free … being alive … not forcing anything … filling the moment with pure presence … what comes, comes; what goes, goes ….. I’m still here ….


Before RASA:
Your car suddenly makes a deafening noise. Oh my god, not that! You think about bringing the car to the garage; what will it cost if it’s a major repair? Christmas is coming; you need to buy this and that. Besides, the budget is at its limit, and there is still so much left of the month. If it takes longer, how do you get to work, and how do you get the kids from A to B? And anyway — that has always been so. It will never change anything. What can I do now so that all goes well? What do I do if it becomes an expensive repair that I suddenly can not pay? Oh yes, next month I’ll get the payment XY; I actually wanted to use it for vacation, now I have to use it to pay for the repair, etc., etc.

After 10 months with RASA:
The car makes noise, bring the car to the garage, screws were loose, tighten screws, done! For free!


Yes, all went well. And there are a lot of things that I’ve been through. But you let life come the way it should be. And to enjoy it — so simple.

Everything is completely normal, easy (laughs). Nothing has happened. It didn’t change anything. Life has always been there. I had just thought I had somehow gone on a trip and have returned, even though I’ve always been here.


My family went out this morning, and I was alone for the first time in a long time. I sat in a quiet room with a cup of coffee, and the feeling of «Nothingness» was all that remained.

I was wondering if I was cheating myself. I pinched my own cheek, and it hurt. I was alive (laughs).

All the suffering I’ve been through was an illusion. My story is over. I am finally liberated from the root of my suffering and I have begun just living this life that is here now.


Note: LOC 1000 is a kinesiological observation equivalent to complete awakening or the realization of the natural «state.» More info on the LOC system is available via this page.

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