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Elias Satyānanda

My website is essentially about Awakening, Enlightenment, Transformation, Realization, and Liberation.

To erroneously mistake and identify yourself with the character in the «movie of life» may turn into a nightmare. The good news is — there is remedy.

Full Awakening is no walk in the park, but you feel it’s calling you and you just can’t resist, you’ve come to the right place.

RASA is at the heart of my work. Find out what RASA is and what it may do via — RASA Transmission

Besides, I offer additional guidance via One To One Sessions, Group Meetings, Intensives, and Retreats. Details are available via — Guidance and Deepening

Do we meet for the first time and would you like to find out a little about me and how I found RASA, or rather how it found me? Then I’m going to see you at — About me

Are you about to fully Awaken? Then clarity and the increase in awareness that often goes with it may be a great help. Selected writings, sayings, videos, and books are available via — Clarity and Awareness

Truth is simple and single at the core, and in my own experience and realization what actually works and leads to real results is in fact «true.» This is precisely what RASA does.

Love and blessings,

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