The «levels» of Realization

You are the Source.

The Source is absolute stillness—luminous and compassionate.

When you dive deep within yourself, undoing all the veils of misidentifications of who you believe or feel you are, you end up as the Source, the base or ground of all existence, absolutely still.

The Source is not an individual, not separate from anything nor being anything.

All of existence emerges from the Source like flowers emerge from the Earth.

Knowing emerges from the Source, yet the Source cannot know Itself. Feelings and thoughts emerge from the Source, yet the Source cannot feel nor think. Awareness emerges from the Source, but the Source is not aware. It is the luminous aspect of the Source.

Awareness is pure perceiving, be it the «external world» or dreams, feelings or thoughts. Awareness emerges when the brain is turned on, similar to turning on a computer. When you turn it on partially, you get limited awareness, and when you turn everything on, you get hyper-awareness. These different levels of awareness can be easily observed in deep sleep vs. the waking state and the different states of altered awareness due to drugs.

But awareness is still an activity in the brain—a «doingness»—and this activity is taking place on a screen similar to a TV screen displaying a movie, or a «blackboard» displaying anything that is drawn on it. Without the screen, there is no movie.

You consider yourself as something real on the screen, while, in fact, the only thing «real» is a play of light appearing on the screen. You are the screen.

Nothing is real, neither within nor outside. It’s just a thought arising from you and it’s empty in nature. In other words, the physical universe and the dream universe are merely a thought, empty in nature.

The dissolution of experience into the nature of Reality is the highest teaching and meditation there is. (A process called «Tögal» in Dzogchen Buddhism.)

The «levels» of Realization

«I am the body»—most people are in this state.

Awakening—the Kundalini is awakened and starts changing the brain and increasing awareness. A fully awakened Kundalini energy flows up and out of the crown without obstructions. Life is more of a flow with less and less control and full awareness of the energies. Automatic healing on all levels takes place, and you start being able to actually heal others. Here you fully awaken your Self.

Self-realization—the realization that you are neither the body nor the mind but awareness that cannot perceive itself.

Oneness—the realization that you are neither an individual nor a separate or individual consciousness, but you are the whole universe.

Mukti [«liberation while being alive»]—the realization that everything is «I».
It’s the opposite of oneness and there is no more «you».
The awareness emerges that everything is WHO YOU ARE, and when you fully experience yourself, that dissolves into stillness too.
You stay with the «blackboard» [emptiness, nothingness, the formless Absolute or Unmanifest].

Moksha/Nirvana [«liberation on the death»/«to cease blowing»]—the realization that «you» don’t exist, marking the end of the cycle of birth and death [which is an illusion anyway]. It’s basically the same as Mukti, with the emphasis on breaking the cycle of birth and death.
You stay with the «screen» or «blackboard» as the only and absolute Reality.

[Potential «levels of deepening, expanding and embodying» Realization:]

God-realization—the realization that everything is embraced in stillness and is stillness.
In Mukti, you realize that everything is «you», and when you have dissolved all of yourself, stillness remains, like the ocean that carries all the waves and in which all the waves subside.
The realization might dawn that this stillness or «blackboard» is also the Source of everything, which it is not just nothing but is everything too. Call it the «Divine», the «Source», «love» or the «Absolute», it’s all one and the same.

Enlightenment—«divine light» takes over the body. The body starts to change and radiate this light to the point where a physical light can be observed emanating from the body, and the body becomes «immortal».

«Rainbow body of great transference»—this light starts to change the body, starts to reverse aging and shrinks the body until the point where only light remains.

So let’s go back to the beginning and take a deeper look into who or what you think you are.

As we step back, the light within steps forward and encompasses the «world». It does not herald the end of separation in punishment and death, but in lightness and laughter it is gone…

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