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What is RASA?

RASA is probably the most direct, most effective and most reliable way to genuinely awaken during these shifting times.

RASA is an acronym for «Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement» and is a powerful and result-oriented way of transmission that aims at the full Awakening, Realization and Liberation of the individual. RASA works in a fast, precise, gentle and utterly thorough way.

RASA is especially suited for people who are approaching the end of their spiritual search, as well as for those who have already experienced an awakening or a shift in consciousness, but sense that «this can’t be everything» and «there is more».

Are you seeking? Are you struggling? Are you suffering? Then RASA is most likely the «missing link» that you’ve been looking for. RASA may not be suited for everybody, but certainly for those who are tired of the search and are willing to «finish». If there is a desire or a longing for it, then RASA might be the crucial factor for this «leap across the threshold».

For receiving RASA it’s immaterial whether or how long you have been «on the path» or which teaching, philosophy, tradition or teacher you feel connected to or not. The only prerequisite is the sincere desire to end the inner discontent / restlessness / conflict and the spiritual or existential suffering (sanskr. dukkha) and thus the search once and for all.

RASA is neither a new movement, nor a new path, but simply a service from one human being to another, who – after a long and tedious «journey» – is willing to receive the gift of Liberation (sanskr. mukti, moksha, nirvana).

RASA is not transferred by one person to another. The RASA Facilitator just provides the space and opens up the channel by which RASA can happen. RASA works directly from the One Source on the recipient and is a gift of Life or Reality to Itself – an immeasurable, unimaginable blessing.

The white light of RASA, directly from Source

A RASA Transmission takes about 15 minutes and is given in silence, during which the recipient meditates in a relaxed and receptive state. The recipient is asked not to apply any other method or technique at the time of RASA, but to simply relax and allow the experience to happen as much as possible.

By receiving RASA Transmissions, it may take anything from one week to one year – with an average of about 3-6 months – to experience profound and lasting Liberation – Liberation from the «prison of ego-trance» or the erroneous idea of being an «I» that’s separate from life and the «other». RASA may put an end to all limiting concepts, ideas, beliefs, dogmas and paradigms about yourself and the world, lead to an Awakening from the waking dream (sanskr. maya) and result in an experience of life that’s basically simple, spontaneous and natural. This «state», or rather «stateless state», is nothing new, but simply You as your original Self – the Ground of Being.

RASA is an all-pure and authentic transmission with the frequent result of «living in the natural state» (sanskr. sahaja, tibet. rigpa). What then remains is life experiencing itself. Life is lived, and This is all.

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What may receiving RASA result in?

Several hundred people have reportedly noticed these type of changes within a few weeks or months after receiving RASA.

  • The end of the search on all levels.
  • The end of self, ego and mind identifications.
  • The end of spiritual or existential suffering and the «story of suffering».
  • Freedom from limiting ideas, images, concepts, beliefs, dogmas, paradigms, psychological conflicts and fears, etc.
  • A dissolution of rigid and painful emotional, mental and behavioral patterns.
  • No more resistance toward the «what is».
  • No more compulsion to know, to understand or to question anything.
  • The ability to be just as you are in every way, and to be at ease and happy with it.
  • A content and calm resting in oneself.
  • The knowingness that there is «nothing to do», since nothing is needed, everything is there.
  • Everything is happening by itself moment by moment.
  • Spontaneous and «causeless» experiences of joy, silence, peace, bliss, love, compassion, flow, etc.

This list could be extended almost indefinitely. The reality of it, how it is experienced and how it expresses itself is ultimately indescribable.

Note – sanskr. advaita = not two, non–duality; sanskr. shaktipat = spiritual transmission.

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