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What others are saying about Elias

Ramaji, co-founder of RASA Transmission International, once said, «You are one of the most powerful RASA Givers. I am very impressed by your ability to give RASA, by your ability to reach people, and I know you are very good at all of that.»

After taking a RASA session, a person wrote via email, «Thank you for our wonderful appointment. You are a very warm and kind person. It was really fun and good.»

And Alexander T., RASA Facilitator from Austria, wrote on a social media website, «A natural talent—Elias Satyānanda.»

Biography or the short story of Elias’ «journey of awakening»

In 2003, at the age of 20, Elias had a spontaneous kundalini awakening with preceding «witness consciousness» and with a subsequent experience of the «natural, enlightened state,» which held good for about 2 ½ months. This awakening experience was triggered by various factors that all came together on that particular day—an inner sense of emptiness, not knowing in which direction life should go, a phone call from his father, reading «The Power of Now» by Eckhart Tolle, being a gift of his mother that had been lying untouched on the shelf for about 9 months, and the «Harmonic Concordance» on November 8, 2013—to name only the most obvious. It was a (non-)experience of consciousness merging with the Source.

What eventually always remains is NOTHINGNESS or NO-THING-NESS—the Unmanifest—and YOU ARE THAT.

After this «awakened state» had slowly subsided, there was little more left than a deeply embedded memory and clarity of what is Reality is. With the eyes of universal consciousness it was seen that in the coming years, planet earth would go through enormous energy shifts, and that all life on it—including humanity—would undergo an epic transformation and awakening process. The question arose deeply in Elias’ heart regarding how he could actively assist other people in those massive upheavals and support them in their own awakening and transformation, so that they would be able to go through these times as gently and aware as possible—always with the certainty that these changes would come to pass on a global and universal level anyway.

In the meantime Elias’s daily experience returned to the «usual state» of ego and self identifications that was perceived as a painful limitation. The search for the restoration of the «state» that he had experienced before, regarded as perfectly natural and acknowledged as the birthright of every human being, had broke out. A few months later, Dīksha entered his life and Elias immediately recognized that this was an effective tool that could initiate a shift in people’s consciousness. The calling of his heart had been answered at that time.

In July 2005, Elias was trained in South India as a Dīksha giver and later as an Oneness Trainer, and began to work with people with great passion individually and in groups. For more than 9 years, he conducted meditation events, one and 2 day seminars and multi day retreats and in teams organized several large events with up to 2000 participants—always with the main focus on awakening and transformation. In the course of this work he visited various countries in Europe and Asia and assisted over a thousand people in their awakening processes, healing of relationships and life issues, dissolution of emotional charges and traumas, liberation of the ancestors, reconnection to their divine essence, etc.

After these years of intensive inner work on himself and with others, Elias entered a 3 day darkroom retreat in February 2013. On the third day of this retreat, a light appeared within that performed a permanent shift in his consciousness and physiology of his body, resulting in the dissolution of the experience of a fixed «self.» Life was now experienced as more free, peaceful, flowing and totally fulfilling. Even though this state continued to fluctuate, the sense of self would remain transparent and boundless. Inner limitations such as psychological fear and anxiety had virtually been extinguished. At first glance, it appeared as if the «great awakening» had taken place. And yet, he he had not yet arrived at the «summit» of his «journey of Realization.»

In late summer of 2016, Elias’ search all of a sudden flared up again, this time primarily directed inwards. A remaining dissatisfaction with oneself and life had taken over his heart. This quiet existential suffering, which seemed to have been getting lost years before, rose up in him once again, leaving him no rest. At that time, he focussed extensively on the timeless teachings and meditations of Nisargadatta Maharaj, which provided him with deep insights and experiences but intensified the search at the same time.

In December of that year Elias came across the website of an old friend whom he had met years before in India. At first he thought to himself, «What’s that again?» He would almost not have thought that it is possible, after all the intense work and the many breakthroughs, in particular with Dīksha, that another form of spiritual transmission would be the determining factor for his leap into the Timeless, Nameless, true original Self of all that is. But something inside him persisted, and about a week later he had booked his first RASA session with Gunnar G. from Klagenfurt, Austria. After a personal and highly empathic satsang that took about an hour and a half, the RASA was given. The energy/power/intelligence of RASA both gently and clearly opened his crown chakra from above and worked with utter precision on areas of his brain and heart. As a result, everything that was a limitation and a false identification was permanently removed from his system.

In January 2017, after only a few RASA sessions, his search had ended and life in its pristine simplicity, naturalness and spontaneity remained.

What is, is simply what is. This is before all names and descriptions. This is so clear and obvious that it’s almost absurd to say much about it, unless a particular context makes that happen.

Life has come full circle and the apparent «journey» has come to and end, but the depth and the intimacy of the WHAT IS is infinite, with neither a beginning nor and end in sight…


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