Clearing Releasing and Healing

The tools and methods on this page are supplemental and should not be mixed with the RASA Transmission. There should be at least a gap of 7 days before doing any of these, with the exception of the latter, which goes very well with RASA.

For clearing energetic blockages

Mind Laser Method

Book link Ramaji

For small to medium energetic and physical blockages
Not for severe karmic or life issues, traumas, etc.

I also guide through this method in the sessions as needed.

Chakra Dhyana

For clearing abdominal blockages

Transmission by Siddhanta Yoga lady

Blowing conch and mantra prayer/transmission by a Siddhar

Solar plexus, lower chakras, inner fire, abdominal organs, etc.

For clearing karma

Powerful karmic clearing mantra and visualization.

Thiru Neela Kantham mantra and visualization


For energetic and physical healing

Healing meditations by Grandmaster Doo Wai

Grandmaster Doo Wai is a renowned and skillful Chinese master living in Los Angeles. Besides being a Kung Fu master, he is a master herbalist, healer, etc. These healing meditations are ancient and can be very effective if done properly.

1 Sitting

3 Moving

1 Detox

(also as download, if played with VLC, you can define the playback speed as needed, i.e., slow motion for the moving meditations)

Other, more advanced meditations by Grandmaster Doo Wai for clearing internal blockages, internal alchemy, actualiztion of the light body, etc. are available on request.

For multiple purposes

Kali Bija Mantras

Also just calling her by her name will do.

If additional support and grace is apparently needed.


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