The fire of truth

Amoda Maa writes:

The fire of truth that burns all falseness

This fire is unstoppable, it will burn down all false structures and shine a torchlight upon all that you previously didn’t want to see or feel. Pain, shame, regret, remorse, resentment, and brokenness will all come to the forefront … simply to be embraced in the clear light of open heart. And in this openness, the shadow realm is purified. All ghosts of the past are released, all calcified grievances are softened, and the exhaustion of holding it all together is surrendered into the flow and simplicity of being here.

The fire of truth is the same as the fire of love. When all that is false has turned to ashes, all that remains is the clear seeing of awake mind and awake heart. In other words, there is no longer the veil of «self» to cloud perception. There is no longer any avoidance or repression of feeling. There is no longer any bypassing of the bittersweet experience of being human. There is no longer a spiritual overlay to make you feel special.


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