The thinker is not Who You Are

This text was written by me in 2004, a few weeks after a kundalini awakening experience had taken place.

You want to realize your true Self?
Nothing easier than that!

First, you must know that you are not the thinker.

By your belief you are the thinker
you become entangled. You are confused.

Thoughts always move in duality,
always wanting something that is no there or rejecting something.
There is always something wrong with the thinking mind.
It is always in the past or in the future.

Life is only taking place now.
Everything is contained in the Now.

Not a desire makes one happy, but the moment
in which there is nothing to be desired.

All dissatisfaction is the result of thought alone.
Let go of your identification with the thinking mind
and dive into the void of consciousness.

Be the witness of the thinker, but not the thinker.
You are the awareness behind the thinker
and not the thinker.

If you are in the void, in the nothingness,
let the thoughts simply pass
without engaging them.

Let them come, let them go,
but be not the thoughts.
Observe the thoughts.

Do not judge them, do not condemn them,
do not evaluate or analyse them.
Let go of your thoughts!

Only in this way will the mind come to rest
and become your devoted tool.
Refer it to its rightful place!

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