Truth is fire …

… and to speak the truth means to shine and burn.

Leopold Schefer


Gunnar Gressl writes (translated from German):

There are more and more who open their eyes and live their truth!

It seems to get narrower and narrower. The totalitarian grimace shows its face more and more unveiled. This can cause fear and panic. But the narrower it gets, the more people are taken into their power through this eye of the needle. Their power to live and express their opinion, their truth. It seems to be getting narrower and narrower, but this narrowness will wake up more and more people and open their eyes. Life virtually forces us to stand by ourselves (trust in ourselves).

The gover*ments and the media suggest that we have no chance with our opinion, our truth and show more and more clearly how far they have moved away from human nature and freedom of expression because they can think of little more than slander, coercion, and pressure. With this, they may force one person or the other to keep quiet for some time and do things that they would not otherwise do. But more and more people’s eyes are being opened by this.

There is an attempt to install an only tolerated opinion with suppression and coercion. But what is actually achieved is that more and more people will recognize THEIR TRUTH, stand up for it and live it.

More and more will follow, who open their eyes and live their truth! More and more will follow!

When the media keyboard plays …

… most people listen, prick up their ears and sink into the song that is being played. For many people, it doesn’t even matter what is being played. They listen and align themselves with it — at least with many of the songs they hear.

If climate is played, it’s climate. If war is played, war is played. If gender is played, gender is played. If terror is played, it’s terror. If Cor*na is played, Cor*na is next. If vac*ination is played, vac*ination is next. If mourning is played, mourning is next. If joy is played, joy is next. If fear and panic are played, fear and panic are next. And all these issues are not wrong, of course not, even the interest in them is not wrong, there are good reasons to be touched by the world issues — if it touches your innermost — just read on.

A significant portion of people are very conditioned to align themselves with whatever the media keyboard is playing. They listen to the news, read the news, watch the news — they call it education.

If you don’t know your inner self, if you don’t look inside and seek out your innermost being, then you need the outside to define you. You then need the outside to know who you are, because the outside then gives you the guideline, the direction, the quality that you just can be, should be — because you don’t feel it (clearly) from your own inner being.

A considerable part of people function this way. On the one hand, there are personality structures that partly function this way, on the other hand, one’s own, one’s inner being, one’s inner truth, one’s being one’s own, one’s personal quality has been overshadowed and suppressed by upbringing and that is why one aligns oneself (possibly most of one’s life) with this upbringing. This education takes over then the society opinion, the state, the media. THAT runs unconsciously!

Who has no inner guideline, needs the outside. However, if you ask these people, they will always say and also believe that it is their own values — which is also logical, because they no longer feel their own. It is buried, hidden, repressed, hurt, traumatized, overlooked. One’s own aliveness has thus been buried and one needs external (often violent) issues to feel alive.

This dynamic of aligning oneself with the outside, of recognizing the external opinion as one’s own, of defining oneself by it, happens very quickly, almost automatically and unconsciously. That’s why most people can’t recognize it.

I have been researching consciousness for 25 years, so I am a top expert in the field, and I recognize that because of the vehemence, the volume of the psychological and propagandistic means of the current media keyboard, especially in relation to Corona, many, many people follow the processes described above. For many, it is a normal process anyway. This time, however, also with many the healthy filters have failed, which are normally there — simply because of the extraordinary sonication which runs there.

This kind of sonication is already known from the past, e.g. in the time before the 1st World War and in the phase before the 2nd World War. With the evenly at that time available means.

It is not now in such a way that each piece which the Medienklaviatur takes on, is uninteresting or should be or should not be considered. For example, I have been gendering for a long time, I have been paying attention to nature in many aspects all my life, I feel for people at war and would like to end it, I pay attention to my health, and so on. However — who rests in his inside or approaches his center more and more, knows or sees through his personality structure, who works on himself, has freed himself more and more from upbringing, his personality is not MIXED, mixed up with these topics — or in other words — you don’t NEED them to define yourself by them. To know if one is good or bad. To know if one is a part of society or not. To know if you are right anyway, or wrong. To know what one may or may not do. To know who you are.

Even if it sounds unbelievable, a considerable part of the people needs this media keyboard to know all this, to be able to orientate themselves, to know who they are. And the fear of no longer being a recognized part of people, of society — this fear is currently being played on disproportionately (I only know this from historical observations of the 1st and 2nd World Wars or, above all, the phases before them). Whoever is not «so or so» is no longer a worthy person within society recognized by the media keyboard. This kind of (enslaving) media keyboard and the people who let themselves be played (and overplayed) by it have led to the worst phases in our history.

They always say, «Nip it in the bud», but the thing is, when this dynamic kicks in, it is NOT RECOGNIZED by a large percentage of people. It is simply not recognizable to many! Why does something like this happen, again and again and again for thousands of years? Because this dynamic is hidden, it is obvious, IF YOU CAN SEE IT, but for most people it is not possible to see it, because it happens very automatically, quickly and unconsciously and powerful filters and conditioning prevent the RECOGNITION.

A big difference, in my opinion, to historical processes of that time, is that I think, percentage-wise, there have NEVER been SO MANY people who are aware of the media keyboard and dynamics. I believe that people’s awareness is one of the most important factors in this game and I can imagine that this very factor, that so many people are aware of what is going on WITHIN THEM and therefore are no longer dependent on outside confirmation to the same degree, will be the GAME CHANGER. In the years and decades to come.

Because CONSCIOUSNESS about the inner and outer processes offers the possibility to play a completely different game — it offers the possibility to detach from the piece of the media keyboard and to recognize and play your own piece. Only playing one’s OWN Piece has true power, presence and luminous energy and WORKS like a positive and constructive virus. It is contagious, although for many it is naturally scary, dangerous and must be banned — because it does not fit the piece of the media keyboard.

Nevertheless, the expression of your innermost being, your own true Piece, your essence is highly contagious, it is YOUR VIRUS in a positive sense. And it is at the same time the only way to live constructively and happily in the long run. Namely only if you live, play, express your own and are the positive, highly contagious virus that you actually are in your innermost being. Namely simply YOURSELF.

Don’t hold back anymore. Your happiness lies in YOU, in the expression of your opinion, your attitude, your being, your self. YOU ARE IT!


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