A half–full glass of water

My wife Tomoko recently wrote via Facebook (originally in Japanese),

«A half–full glass of water

Which part do you perceive?
The one containing water
Or the one that’s empty?
Or do you see the depth of both?

What is depth?
Depth is the Cause
From which everything arises.

Everything appears
From Absolute Perfection,
Which is neither full
Nor does it lack anything.

It’s an Absolute Fullness
And an Absolute Balance,
In which no thought of
Adding or subtracting
Can possibly exist.

All things appearing
From this Absolute Perfection
Express Absolute Perfection
Without exception.

Both the part where «there is water»
And the part where «there is no water»
Arose from Absolute Perfection,
And hence, they’re
Absolute Perfection itself.

«There is water»
And «there is no water»
Are just different phenomena
Or forms of
Absolute Perfection.

Life, death, pain—
These too.

When you see the Cause
From which they arise,
Instead of looking at
Any phenomenon,
You’ll be «in the know»
That they’re perfect
And an expression of Fullness.

Eventually you’ll notice
That there’s no one
To be affected
By any phenomenon.

Living this Absolute Perfection
Is what the Buddha meant by
«The middle path».

When living this Absolute Perfection—
Whatever be the phenomenon
That you might experience—
You just can’t help
Being in rapture.»

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