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Andrea Ananda aka Welten Wandler writes (World Wanderer; translated from German):

The mind is addicted to the NEW. That’s because it keeps presenting the same old snot — a record with a crack. A proven way to put on a new record is to feel your feelings.

Feeling instead of thinking takes you to a level beyond the mind. One in which you perceive the miracle of your existence in wonder and humility, without being interested in the other possibility at all, which is really just an evasion (bypassing, trying to avoid) — wanting to create «a new world», in which «there is no more room for something old.» Because the only existing things that are «old» are, in truth, of course, your mind with always the same thought patterns — and if you dare to feel instead of thinking, you’re going to see this clearly. Then there is no need for an imagined and upheld ideal of «a new world, in which the old one has had its day» and of «everything that is inauthentic and untrue can no longer keep itself up.» Then, it becomes clear once again that everything always revolves around yourself and that anything untruthful doesn’t need to say «goodbye» anywhere other than in yourself.

If instead of conjecturing or losing yourself in endless assumptions about «the energies of the day», «the world», «the others» and yourself, as well as in constant future predictions à la «the world will be a different one» blah blah blah … you’re just HERE — feeling. The idea of «something old» doesn’t arise at all because every moment is new and infinitely precious, and you’re far too busy living it instead of wasting your time with mental constructs.

Do you really think a child at play would ever think that «it’s time for something new?» That «the old» is now obsolete? That «together we can achieve EVERYTHING?» No. Because it’s already achieved everything it could ever possibly achieve. There is simply no greater wealth than BEING here and now.

And because THIS is way beyond all the ideas the mind loves to superimpose on WHAT IS, you — preferably with others, because solidarity is such a nice substitute for actual feeling — keep thinking of a beautiful new world, in which …

Rediscover that playful child in you that is so totally HERE that it creates a sparkling new world filled with magic moment by moment — and that can’t help being amazed wherever it goes …

This is «the new world» you’re really longing for — a new world within yourself. Then it doesn’t matter at all whether billions of people put on the same record every day — because the world is YOU.

All that you need to transform is the idea that you need to transform anything.

Can you imagine how wonderfully liberating life is when you don’t need to do anything at all? Not having to transform, change, clarify, dissolve, optimize, heal, let go, even love anything? When everything is simply GOOD the way it is? Because YOU are good the way you are — with all the trimmings?

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