Achieving enlightenment

One time I was living in Rishikesh, India and someone came to me looking for Enlightenment… and the first thing I told them was that they would not reach enlightenment in this lifetime… that their karma was not correct…

And in that moment he smiled joyously and had a Satori, a true taste of Enlightenment… and explained to me the relief that he was feeling and freedom that he was feeling… that he was so overjoyed and happy and freed up of a burden to become this impossible feat of achieving «enlightenment». And in that moment he was totally true and totally free.

Can you imagine what a burden it is for the false mind to carry this imaginary burden of becoming or achieving the one thing that is simply impossible to «become» or «achieve» through ego mind efforts…?

Like a cloud seeking to achieve becoming the sky…

God Dieux

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