An Awakened Humanity

Amoda Maa writes:

Awakening is the foundation for living as a whole human being.

It’s the natural maturation of consciousness that takes place when we are willing to face ourselves completely; to meet everything that we have spent a lifetime running away from because it hurt; to stand as openness in the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Awakening means seeing clearly … without the mental and emotional acrobatics of denial, avoidance, excuses, or the begging, bartering or bullying that goes on when we believe ourselves to be separate from life/existence.

Awakening means bearing the unbearable; being tender in the midst of that which offends; living as the open hand in the midst of discomfort.

Awakening is not an add-on. It’s the baseline for being human.

For too long, humanity has lived in a dysfunctional state.

It is time to return to our natural wholeness.

If and when we do, the need for being spiritual falls away.


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