Silence is the ultimate music

Osho says:

Silence has a music of its own.
It is not dead, it is very much alive,
it is tremendously alive.
In fact, nothing is more alive than silence.

Silence is virgin.
The most innocent and purest experience of life
is to know a deep silence when everything stops.

In your silence —
when there are no words, no language,
nobody else is present —
you are getting in tune with Existence.

Remember one thing:
Except for silence,
everything else is your imagination
— howsoever beautiful —
because only in your silence are you close
to the very center of Existence.

Listening to the Eternal
involves a silence within us.

No thought, no mind, no choice —
just being silent,
rooted in yourself.

Keep this silence all day round.
Then whatever you do will show the grace,
the beauty of your inner peace,
of your inner benediction …
This silence makes a place holy, a temple.
Except this silence, there is no temple.

Silence can divulge as much depth
as you have courage for.

When you learn to be silent,
you will be «at home»
anywhere you go.

No-mind is continuously singing its song
whether you hear it or not;
its music is there whether you hear it or not;
its dance is there,
though, of course, your eyes cannot see it.
It is an eternal dance.

Silence is the question.
Silence is the answer.
Silence is the ultimate Truth.
In silence, we meet with Existence —
words, languages, all create barriers.
And to be silent means
to be a hollow bamboo.
And the miracle is,
the moment you are a hollow bamboo,
a music descends through you
which is not your own.
It comes through you,
it belongs to the Whole.
Its beauty is tremendous,
its ecstasy immeasurable.


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