Zuna Sahaj writes:

You take as the center of everything the person you think you are, and then you talk about spirituality, Oneness, and love, from the standpoint of this person. It doesn’t work. It is because you hurry to be wise, to be the new smart, the woke—in a story in an illusion.

Rest in Silence, and then see what remains.

It is not something that you can understand, nor something you can hear in a Satsang. It is not an action, an idea, or a feeling—all these happen in a dream. Carried away by the story of the dream, you avoid the obvious—to Rest Silently with your Self.

There has never been a person. Rest as the Watcher in Blissful Sleep.

When Silence is covering you like a warm blanket in the winter, why come out of it?


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