Peace with what is

Jay Matthews writes:

I had two awakenings. I double-dipped. The second awakening obviated the first, but the first was the spectacular one. Go figure.

The first awakening: I realized there is only God or Ultimate Reality. I Am That which alone is and has always been.

I knew my insight was right, but something was wrong. We can «see» into the heart of Reality, but that’s not it. How can that not be it? I didn’t know.

If awakening is an indelible mark, then enlightenment is a permanent eraser.

Concepts don’t matter and they’re only going to get you in trouble.

My awakening was like exchanging a small prison cell for a magnificent one.

Enlightenment is liberation. Hold the «marble columns».

Liberation is permanently available here and now. It’s the choice to be at perfect peace right now.


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