Enlightenment as it is

Gunnar Gressl writes:

That enlightenment is a deeply destructive process is not clear to the seeker of enlightenment. Even though he knows that enlightenment is the dissolution of identification with the separate self, he still thinks this will be in categories of gain, better, more.

First and foremost, however, enlightenment is a loss of everything he, the seeker, hoped for. It is the most profound unlearning, the most lousy disappointment, the total annihilation of the idea of ​​what he has thought until now, what he is.

AND there is no one left who could claim any enlightenment for himself. It is Life Itself that inhales the idea of ​​being separated and the idea of ​​enlightenment, and so that you and what you think, what you are and have hoped for, what you will be, is swallowed and digested.

The seeker hopes, secretly and unconsciously, that he will gain something from it, even if he consciously thinks and believes that he wants to surrender himself and is ready to do so, I experience again and again the disappointment of the self–structure that, in the process of dissolution, winds itself to escape its fate.

Yes and despite this haunting description, there is Nothing that will stop the seeker, that will stop you in your being surrendered, if that’s what is supposed to be. It is the death of the seperate self and the rebirth, the recognition of the ONE I that you have always been, that emanates and radiates Nothing but unconditional love beyond description – in the form of duality as we know it, in the form of Life as we’re experiencing it.

This death reveals the peace that is not of this world and yet pervades everything. It can now spread to the areas that remained closed, detached, repressed, and is the sun and water for the seeds planted in those oppressed areas that can now grow, thrive, and blossom faster.

There is an «awakening» of all aspects of the personality at all levels, a (post–)maturing of the stuck and stunted parts and potentials within us.

The death of the separate self lets Life free, allows it to flow and bubble as it likes. Now nobody is in the way. Nobody who knows better. Nobody who wants it otherwise. Nobody who thinks he knows how to do it. Nobody who wants to impose his will on Life. Only Life Itself. It experiences Itself, ever freer, more unbridled and alive …. in deepest Silence.

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