«Feel-good spirituality»

Jeff Foster writes:

If you want to «feel good» all the time,
please, forget about waking up.

If you want to wake up,
forget about «feeling good».

If you long for the raw truth of existence,
please, prepare for the shattering of your status quos.
Prepare for heartbreak, the devastation of dreams.

Everything you know about yourself
will be smashed into a million pieces.

Prepare to allow an unimaginable sorrow,
the sorrow of distant universes
to move through you, to penetrate your very core.

And prepare for joys so unbearable
you’ll wonder why your heart hasn’t exploded.

Prepare for love to drain your tear ducts.

Prepare to fall on your knees time and time again —
in awe, in horror, in gratitude, in the deepest calm.

Prepare to never be prepared.

If you want to «feel good» all the time,
if you want pleasure without pain, joy without sorrow,
light without night, a «feel-good spirituality»,
please, I beg you:

Turn back.
Turn back, right now!


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