The finding

Some more sayings by Wu Hsin.

My method has no method. You only need to stop. Stop clinging, stop scheming, stop praying, stop seeking, stop analyzing, stop all your strategies, and lastly, stop giving your thoughts the authority to define who you are. Simply allow what remains to reveal itself.

Only the fool seeks to stop the shaking of the moon’s reflection on the water. The acceptance of what cannot be changed paves the way for the changeless.

Words. At the spoken level, they are sounds. At the subtle level, they are thoughts. At the silent level, they are gone. It is in this silence, from this silence, that all arises.

The silence preceding words is the same silence after they are spoken. These are the offspring of the Unchanging. Therefore, forget whatever can be forgotten. In so doing, what is revealed is that which cannot be forgotten.

From «The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin,» available via this page (at the bottom).

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