Welten Wandler writes («World Wanderer», translated from German):

Some time ago I got a request if I would like to be interviewed on the topic of «happiness». I replied, «No, I’m not interested in happiness.» And that is actually the case.

The word itself shows what it’s all about the «I» and its «happiness». It doesn’t matter at all what the happiness in question is. The point is the idea that there might be something that makes you happy.

And I’m not talking about those wonderful moments when we’re just here, perhaps with a steaming cup of tea in hand, welcoming the first rays of sunshine of the day — completely oblivious — and which we often refer to as «moments of happiness». They are, in fact, just the opposite.

Here, happiness reigns, precisely because nothing makes us happy, but because we simply are. And have (just) forgotten about wanting to be happy. For a moment of happiness.

«Nothing makes you happy until nothing makes you happy.» (Author unknown to me, unfortunately.) [Note: See the quote in the image below.]

«If you can’t feel good for no reason, then you won’t feel good when you have a reason.» — Richard Bendler

Billions in sales are generated with this idea — the pursuit of happiness — that an «I» [«ego»] just can’t let go of.

No matter what idea you are attached to — the happy family, wishful thinking about your body, paper bills, «raising your frequency» and «being in love,» a «new» world, «working» on yourself, or – very amusingly – desirelessness. As long as you don’t identify the «I» itself as the fundamental source of all errors — because it itself is only an idea you (still) believe in — you will keep rushing after its «visions», «needs» and its ideas of happiness that come before what you are.

We get so many hints, constantly and 24/7, but we don’t look or listen to life.

Take physical love — the moment of highest ecstasy is a moment when you forget everything else. Especially «yourself». A small, brief moment only. And because we are so powerfully drawn to the ecstatic experience of «I-lessness» [«ego-lessness»], sex is so extremely attractive to so many people.

To strive for «I-lessness» would, of course, be just another striving. And besides, the «I» also has its wonderful right to exist.

The more you can stand yourself, the more you simply are, the freer you become [you are].

The most joyful moments in our lives are not those when we finally call the long-awaited convertible our own.

Nothing against fulfilling your desires — it’s beautiful. It’s just that these are things that make you happy. And that’s exactly why we fall for them so quickly, because we are not permanently happy.

It’s just impossible. It’s the dangling carrot that’s held out to you — in whatever form it takes.

An «I» cannot be permanently happy precisely because its happiness depends on «the outside» — on ideas about circumstances, possessions, other people, etc.

But you, you can be in accord [at one] with the life that expresses and experiences itself through you.

You can — regardless of what your «I», which is synonymous with your mind, tells you — stay. Here. [And] dangle the dangling carrot.

Don’t save the world. Don’t work on issues. Don’t have goals.

Bear it. Bear YOURSELF.

Don’t get lost on the «outside», but in your boundless [infinite] inside.

So totally that, after you have felt even the darkest corners there, you see the grace in it.

So totally that you bow down before your own depth.

So totally that even the slightest desire to be happy has totally vanished. And gives way for something infinitely greater:


The joy of your own being.

Which includes EVERYTHING.


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