I can only love you

Friend, I cannot save you.

I can be present with you,
offer you the safety of my presence,
but I cannot save you.

I can listen. Cry with you.
Laugh with you. Wonder with you.
I can share my vision, if you want it.
I can offer my perspective, if you need it.

But I cannot take away your pain.
I cannot give you answers.
I cannot heal you.

You are not broken.

So, friend.
Weep. Laugh. Fall on the floor, trembling.
Feel anger. Feel fear. Feel the deepest sorrow.
Scream out to the heavens.
Let your heart break wide open.

I can only offer you this sanctuary,
this trust, this ground, this warmth.
But I cannot save you.

I can only love you.

Jeff Foster

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