Love is …

ReiMo writes.

Love is the only thing that remains when everything else goes. If only because it was never absent. Conditional love is present or absent, but true love is. In the total disenchantment is love and that love knows nothing at all. The word «love» is alien to it, as are all other words. It is beyond any imagination. It is timeless. And in timelessness it knows neither itself nor others.
All that love actually wants – to put it this way – is to be revealed. This is only possible by forgetting her unconditional nature. By forgetting, it is looking and looking for itself, creates one object after another, and always encounters only itself – without knowing it.
How great is the joy when the veil of illusion falls and love falls back on itself. This is the case every time neither the person nor the form is seen, but their foundation. This Self–realization is so delicate, so fulfilling – you never want to leave that place. Once you have sniffed it, there is no stopping for love – until what is not real is completely annihilated. Only when everything that is not love is destroyed, true love emerges, and it shines brighter than any star.
Love in its absolute unconditional nature is so appealing that all objects in it burn like moths in the flame. You become this love, whether you like it or not. With skin and hair, she burns you until nothing is left of you.
Only this love is real. Everything else are games and ideas of a mind, which only believes to know itself and nothing else.
When all masks have fallen, nothing but love is seen.

This world of dreams and illusions pretends to be a reality. But in this imaginary, own world nothing is real. It can’t do anything by itself.
You may create as much as you want. What for? To produce more and more dreams and illusions? Entertainment for those who like it. But there is nothing more to it. Anything else is just imaginary. You may matrix, channel, transform and wish as much as you want.
To live life just as it is, is the greatest transformation possible. In total acceptance of this moment, which is eternity, lies «liberation».
Everything is as it should, and this is a fact. The imaginary thinking mind will never be able to accept this, let alone understand it.
Therefore, making a distance is the only «way» to reality. Don’t believe the mind.
The only thing that cannot be dreamed of or conceived is yourself!
L ♥ V E

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