There is a well–known Sanskrit verse that says,

Om Pūrnam-adah pūrnam-idam
Pūrnāth pūrna-mudachyaté
Pūrnasya pūrna-mādāya
Pūrna-mevā vashishyaté

It is pointing to the «Perfect Reality that is»—perfectly free from the limited ideas and concepts of the mind.

The verse may be translated as,

In Reality, everything is complete, perfect, infinite.
Anything that comes from this completeness is complete, too.
When anything is taken from this completeness,
Completeness still remains.

Another translation goes,

This is full—that is full.
From fullness, fullness comes.
If anything is taken from fullness,
Fullness still remains.

Fullness here may be replaced with wholeness, completeness, perfection, infinity, reality, abundance, happiness etc. accordingly.

Now just for a moment see and feel,
«Is my glas half full or half empty?»


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