Pure «Now Feeling»

Ramaji writes via Twitter.

When are you happiest or blissful? When your mind is quiet and your feeling is pure and intense. To Be Free… Be Total In Your Now Feeling!

Nothing can happen except here now. If you are not here now, why? How do you leave? It is thought and thought only. No thinking, no leaving.

No thought = stay here. Where is here? This moment no interruptions. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Those gone = Free to BE.

Drop from Your Head into Your Heart. See that thoughts start in your Heart, then go to head. STAY IN YOUR HEART!

Focus on one sense each day or for one hour. What do you hear, see, smell, taste, touch? Puts you in the sensory present here and now.

Gaze at a plant, flower or tree. Become aware of the space between you & how it connects you. Now be the plant. The plant is looking at you.

Breathing… You are being breathed. Focus on visual object or listen to music. Notice… You Are Being Breathed. In… Out… In… Out…

Being Breathed. Extend exhalation. Make it longer. Stay at the end in openness. Let go and float. Inhalation occurs on its own.

Being Breathed… on each exhale – LET GO OF EVERYTHING… no thinking… Just Let Go of all your burdens & weight & stress…

No counting or noticing or following. Just notice… You Are Being Breathed. Intelligence is breathing you, giving you life.

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