That’s just the way IT IS

This text has been written in 2011 and is still up to date or almost timeless, here in a slightly revised version.

Moksha, Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven—whatever we may call it, IT is here in YOU. Please do not say you haven’t noticed yet, because it’s so obvious that it would be an ironic joke if you’d say you couldn’t see it. IT is looking through YOUR eyes right now. IT is reading these lines. Right, IT is becoming aware through the mirror of all that of Itself!

Now you might be wondering—then why do we overlook IT day in, day out? Quite simply because the seer cannot see himself! You are THIS that precedes all perception. Seeing, feeling, being—all that is currently appearing in YOU. But YOU are always before it. Before the notion of being a person. Before the flow of sensations, feelings and emotions. Before the (bad) weather of thoughts that passes through the head. YOU are THIS that sees all that.

Can IT be seriously overlooked?!!! This open mystery that is always here, always now, always before and in everything? If this is the case anyway, then it’s time to wake up! To wake up from this dream (or nightmare) that is currently appearing in YOU. To wake up from this (delusional) notion of ​​separateness. Wake up from this foolish play!

You’re welcome in lucid dreaming, i.e. to dream with absolute certainty that it’s just a dream, a fabulously staged game, a divine joke!

Let’s listen to those who have woken up. Mohammed, for example, «Truly, this earthly life is just a game and a joke!» Or St. Francis of Assisi, «What we are looking for is what is looking!» The Buddha, «All it takes is already present in man’s consciousness. Man does not need to look up to the sky, but in oneself!» Jesus Christ, «You shall realize the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.» Sri Bhagavan, «You are here basically to enjoy yourselves!» This selection could be continued almost indefinitely….

What are you actually looking for? Life as it’s presenting itself in this very moment is exactly what you’ve been looking for! You are THIS! THIS that never appears or disappears—YOU ARE THIS!

Wake up now! from your slumber and rub the sand out of your eyes. Everything that YOU are seeing in YOU and in front of YOU, the act of seeing and what is seen, is just a reflection of YOURSELF! THIS that YOU now and timelessly ARE!

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