There is only This

Anssi Antila writes.

To awaken is one side, to live an awakened life is apparently another.

Many people experience a brief immersion in the awakened existence. They feel liberated, very peaceful, often blissful.

But then comes the todo list. The future. The relationship maintenance. The survival. The plan. And you seem to have left paradise again. For what?

To become somebody again. Someone who has a future. Someone who wants to maintain something. Someone who wants to gain something. Someone who thinks he has lost paradise.

This someone has never entered paradise. You were in paradise without him. You have been paradise itself. And you still are.

But for some reason you trust him. You trust his desires and fears more than freedom, peace, bliss. As if he could offer you more, while in fact he has always brought you trouble and suffering.


He is your mind. A conceptual self. The hero of a mental story. He is the future. Time.

He never had paradise. He neither gained it nor did he lose it. He does not exist. The paradise that you are has realized that he does not exist. That is why you were free.

But then you believed him again. He made you an offer that you could not refuse. He threatened you with a future catastrophe. He promised you control. He seduced you with a desire for the future.

He offered you an illusion in exchange for your soul and you took hold.

As if there was ever anything better than being your Self. As if you had not been happier without desires. As if control had ever worked. As if the future had ever been real and not just an illusion.

Paradise is here. Without someone. That someone has been mucking you around for too long. Why do you still believe him?

What do you want to maintain? What do you want to achieve in the future? What is on your list? Money? Relationships? Possession? A mission? A dream? Security? Enlightenment?

What’s on your list? What should stay? What else is to come? What should be more?


Do not write anything new on the list and you will be free.

Do not be seduced by an illusion in your mind, giving up freedom, peace and bliss, to experience a crumb of happiness in the future, while you run unhappily in the hamster wheel most of the time.

You are here. There is no life outside of here.

You are not what is looking for something. You are not what can gain something. You are not what can lose something. This someone is a pipe dream. He can not lead you to freedom. He is not real. Where is he when you are not thinking?

Mistrust the mental voice, which you call «I.» This voice that ponders and wants to take care of the future. Mistrust the I that wants to gain something. Mistrust the I that believes it has lost something. This I always leads you away from paradise. This I is not real.

The only reality is you. Here.

Trust in freedom, trust in peace, trust in bliss, trust the truth.

Be quiet. Be free.

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