The «dark night of the soul»

In the course of your own Awakening, it may come to certain purification and integration processes, which may also be called the «dark night of the soul.» In the answer below Sri Bhagavan succinctly sums up the nature of and the reasons for it.

Question – What is this «dark night of the soul» we hear so much about?

Sri Bhagavan – It feels a bit frightening. When we bring more light into the body, there is a corresponding emotional and biological reaction. Old barriers, physical blocks and emotional patterns come to the surface in order to be released.

The «dark night of the soul» represents a cleansing of the personal unconscious in preparation for a deeper «descent of light,» and is usually considered as a prerequisite for the deeper stages of mastery.

Jesus experienced this «dark night of the soul» prior to his public mission as he «wrestled with Satan» in the wilderness.

Buddha also experienced this during his process of Awakening as he fought the «temptations of Mara».

It is only frightening as long as we are afraid to die. Once we realize that there is no «self» left to die, a new dawn can begin…

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