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By Tomoko Gakiya, translated from Japanese. The photo above is from NASA and shows an actual black hole.

Nothingness is there even before the birth of the primordial light,
which is the root of all tangible and intangible manifestations.
It is the Unmanifest, Nirguna Brahman, or the Zero Point.

When you realize Nothingness,
there is no person who sees it.

When you say you have experienced Nothingness,
then that is not actual Nothingness,
because there is still a «me» having that experience.

When you sink into and melt with
truly profound Nothingness,
there is no one there to see it
or to have that experience.
Only the silence within the silence remains.

No one, just Nothingness.

Thus, there is no one to know it.

Nothingness cannot be known.

When you experience Nothingness over and over again,
then that experience begins to stimulate the brain,
causing new neurons to be wired.

When that happens,
it becomes hard for the «me» to grasp old emotional and thought patterns
to perpetuate itself.

Then, the rewired brain will generate a new perception,
with which it will able to capture everything
from the «state of Nothingness.»

Therefore, everything happens automatically
without the intervention of «me.»

Then, every problem disappears.

Because the one seeing anything as a problem
is gone.

Only when you are gone,
what remains is the absolute order of the universe
that exists in perfect equilibrium.

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