What is love? (2)

Anssi Antila writes.

Do you really wanna know what love is? Then be empty now. Empty of yourself. Be empty to the extent that the separation between you and the outer dissolves.
Why? Because this way it becomes visible that separation isn’t real. You’ve simply been deluded by the I–movie in your head. But separation between you and life never existed. It existed only in the movie in your head.
You’ve taken the I–movie way too serious and you’ve forgotten that the movie isn’t you. You ain’t in the movie, the movie is in you.
Without the movie in your head, no I. Without I, no separation. In emptiness, your heart is going to realize it. Then life awakens from the delusion of separation called «I». Then you’re whole again – life itself. Everything in life. No separation. That’s love.

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