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The Gateway of Not Knowing

When you don’t know,
there is a crack in the delusion of mind.
And you can be penetrated
by an entire universe.

Not knowing is not ignorance.
Nor is it stupidity.
It is curiosity. It is wonder.
It is the relaxation of the separate ‘I’,
and the presence of great compassion.

When you don’t know you can be entered
by a tired sun exploding into reds and oranges,
by a yellow moon and a trillion distant stars,
so far yet so close,
so distant yet so here.
Knowledge will not bring you to it.
The ‘I’ cannot understand it.
Not knowing is its gateway.

Surrender to the moon.


We imagine that we desire…
an object, a substance, a state, 
an activity, an experience, a person, 
a «destination».

Really what we desire 
is that sense of REST
that comes from «being there».

What we desire
is relief from desire itself!

We seek the end of seeking, 
long for the end of longing, 
wait for the end of waiting.

Suffering disappointment after disappointment,
we come to recognize that no external «thing»
can ever truly end the cycle of seeking.

Nothing outside of ourselves 
can make us happy.

Disillusioned, exhausted from the search,
we sink back into our present experience,
resting deeply in its warm embrace.

And we finally realize—
that’s all we ever wanted 
in the first place!
Ourselves. Here, now.

We were always so close.

We were just looking 
in the wrong direction, 
that’s all.

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